Friday, March 23, 2012

Zero player team says Represent!

Ha funny. Just hours after I closed that last post zero players showed up at the end of the day and I ended up in the hospital. I have been struggling with some sort of shape shifting upper and lower respiratory illness since 2/23. I was traveling when it started but it started not even two days after I left home. I ended up having to delay my flight home because I was too congested to fly. I went to Urgent Care in Colorado and got some steroids and antibiotics. Within an hour of starting the meds I felt better. It took a few days for all the mucous to clear and I was able to fly home on 3/13. I came home and finished the meds the next day, felt good for a day then started having sinus pressure, headache and blurry vision. I was producing no mucous but had extremely swollen sinus passages. Friday night 3/17 the headache pain level made it up to a 9 and I could draw no sir through my sinuses because of the swelling. I went to the ER in Sanford where they prescribed a nasal steroid and new antibiotic. I went home and it took most of Saturday to get feeling better. Sunday, the18th came and I felt great. I went swimming at about 4 pm where I did water aerobics for an hour. I did not get my face or head in the water. Went to dinner at about 6 pm. After a perfectly normal and relaxed meal I suddenly felt a crash of raw pain in my lungs. It felt like the inside of my lungs were on fire, it was painful to take a deep breath, my heart was palpitating and I had such extreme fatigue I could barely walk. Hoping that this was a simple flare and trying to avoid another several hours waiting in the ER we drove an hour away to the closest open Urgent Care in Winter Springs. There I had a normal chest X-ray, a normal EKG and no improvement following a breathing treatment. My oxygen saturation was a bit low and fluctuating. The doctor could not make a diagnosis so directed me to go to the ER. I checked into the Sanford ER at about 9 pm. After another normal X-ray and another high intensity breathing treatment my saturation was still low and fluctuating. My symptoms remained the same and my blood gas test came back with a low oxygen value. The ER admitted me about 1:30 am Monday morning. I was told when I left the ER that a Pulmonary consult had been ordered.

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