Monday, October 28, 2013

How To Make An Amend

Do you know what the pic below represents? Two guys who made a mistake and went the extra mile to make it right. 

The sea shell I got from my grandson Shane when we went out geocaching while he and his dad Adam Mackley were visiting us in Colorado. When he'd come to visit after that he would always want to play with it. One time he kneeled on it and crushed it. After he'd left to go home I found it on top of the TV carefully taped back together. I think he was 8 when he did that. It made me cry. And I have guarded it protectively ever since. 

The tyvek envelope was what one of Mary Jane's Farm Girls sent the sheet in for a project. It was a semi anonymous gift.  I had the envelope by my chair so I could get the address off it to send a thank you card.  Walt, in a weird fit of throwing away ONE thing out of the 85,000 possible other choices, threw it away without asking or telling me. We had a tiff. But when he came back home he went through the very stinky trash and got it out for me. He then texted me the address. 

The shell will never be untaped and the tiff can't be erased but the underlying love these two sweet and loving souls showed by these efforts locked another notch deep in my heart. How do i deserve to be loved this much? And I have much to learn from both of them.

Peace be with you and all that jazz.,,

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Please God I need a jacuzzi

Even though my energy is out there advocating for my son #NavyVetDad Adam Mackley to get his daughter back I still am at home in Florida struggling to deal with mine and my husband's serious health issues. Today is a pain day. For no obvious reason I woke up after a good night of sleep with level 8 pain throughout my body.

I've puttered around for an hour trying to give me body a chance to let go of it but it is going to take some divine intervention to get past it. If I had or had access to a hot tub I could get past it in 10 minutes. That brought me to post this prayer on Facebook:

Which explains why I'm posting this pic:

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Behind The Veil: The Romney Connection

I will leave this for you to judge: Do you think the fact that Cadance's maternal great aunt is married to a Romney has influenced any of the illogical behavior of the 4th District Courts? Vernon Romney was a former prosecutor and a judge until his recent passing in July 2013 in the same county that her Cadance's mom's well to do family is funding an attempt to steal Adam Mackley's paternity rights and grant them to Colton Barney even though he has a signed release of paternity interests on file with the State of Utah. By February of the next year another Romney has been appointed to the bench after 'competing' with 35 other applicants. Cadance's maternal grandfather is a nephew to the recently deceased Vernon Romney.

Much goes on behind the veil in Utah. Is it a factor? Do our constitutional rights have a chance against it? Do we have a chance against big money and big influence? Is Family law the Hunger Games in Utah and #NavyVetDad Adam Mackley the Catniss Eberdeen of dad's?

Our family is not related to the Romney's. Cadance's great great grandfather William Isaac Griffiths was baptized into the LDS Church in 1907 near Pontypool Wales. He was baptized outside in the hills in a warm pond above the coal mines. He emigrated to Utah when he was 23 after working years in the coal mines in Wales. He married Anna Pearl Froisland, the daughter of Norwegian emigrant converts,  when he was 27. They were humble servants of The Lord until their last days as Temple Workers. In addition to her dad being in Utah she is related to countless Griffiths, Froisland, Mackley, Dotson's and Taylor's in Utah and Wyoming.

We miss you and love you Cadance. We are hoping to get to see you on your birthday! Clap your hands if you believe.

The Cadance Card Crusade continues! Join us by sending 4 cards to 4 addresses. Here's the link:

Love Grandma Char

Peace be with you and all that jazz!!

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Commissioner Thomas Patton in Provo Utah is a kidnapper and revels in Pain and Suffering

My Granddaughter has been kidnapped by the State of Utah.

Update: Wednesday, November 22 the ruling was signed that denied my son paternity rights.  On Wednesday, November 26th the paternity case was dismissed and the previous temporary orders were voided.  These were the orders that allowed Adam to have visitation with his daughter for the first 14 months of her life. Then they all went home and had turkey dinner with their families. It has now been over 10 months since we last saw Cadence.  The abuses of the Court have taken their toll on Adam, stretching his coping mechanisms to the breaking point.

We have not seen her for over 6 months and when we try to check on her we are accused of harassment or stalking.  This is not a case of unfit parenting. It is not a case of an unhappy divorce.  It IS a case of the government STILL thinking it has the right to choose who parents our children. God chooses who the parents of our children are.  He does a quite fine job at it too and now we have the science of DNA tests to verify for anyone who might question God's work.

And Judge Lynn Davis is trying to seal the deal.At.All.Costs.  And they have NO actual legal right to do so because of the fact that legally binding paternity documents were ALREADY on file with the State of Utah.  **Note:  As of 10/22 Judge Lynn Davis recused himself from this case two weeks ago.  Commissioner Thomas Patton is still attached as far as we know.

They are trying to pull off a "legal", State sanctioned kidnapping by "giving" my granddaughter Cadence Belle Barney, to the man who is married to Cadence's mother, EVEN though this husband signed and filed a voluntary release of paternity which was part two of a State issued Voluntary Declaration of Paternity which was signed by both Adrienne Barney (Cadence's biological mother) and by my son, Adam Christopher Mackley (Cadence's biological father).  This form was filed with Cadence's birth certificate when it was filed with the State.

My son "NavyVetDad"Adam Christopher Mackley's name is on that birth certificate as her father.  He has DNA proof he is Cadence's father.  He has 13 1/2 months of parenting time with this little girl. And at this very moment their are stipulated custody agreements on file with the 4th District Court recognizing Adam as Cadence's father and acknowleging his rights as her parent.  These are signed by both Commisioner Patton and Judge Davis.

And yet the 4th District Court located in Provo, Utah guided the mother's attorney, unsolicited and on the record, of how exactly to refile her case so that Adam would not even be considered as Cadence's father.  Because of Thomas Patton's guidance to opposing counsel Adam has not seen his daughter for over 6 months. She was 14 months when he last saw her and she turns 2 in a few weeks - that is a full quarter of her entire life at this moment.  Any efforts he or I have made to check on her well-being are met with retaliatory protective orders or stalking orders and/or the threat of such.

Here is the court transcript of the hearing that irrevocably changed the course of the intent of custody proceedings and led to the kidnapping of Cadence:
One of the last pics Adam has with Cadence.  They were riding the train from Provo to Ogden to meet up with Cadence's stepmom MaryAnne Ellis Mackley.

Adam said I actually captioned this incorrectly. He had held her prior to this pic as well.This was the first visitation.

Adam Mackley
Adam Mackley4:48am Oct 9
1. Adam Mackley’s and Adrienne Openshaw’s child, Cadence Belle Barney, was born on October 31, 2011.
2. Adam Mackley is the biological father of Cadence Belle Barney pursuant to genetic testing completed in November 2011.
3. Adrienne Barney and Adam Mackley signed a stipulated order on December 12, 2011 and December 13, 2011, respectively. That Stipulated Ordered declared that Adam Mackley was the father of Cadence and should have all the rights and responsibilities of such a relationship. That Order was entered by the Fourth District Court of Utah County on January 24, 2012, with the signatures of both Judge Lynn Davis and Commissioner Thomas Patton.
4. On December 13, 2012, Adam Mackley and Adrienne Barney, along with her counsel, Lorie Fowlke, attended a pretrial conference before Commissioner Thomas Patton to certify any remaining issues for trial.
5. At that hearing on December 13, 2012, without prompting or request of any party, Commissioner Thomas Patton, provided legal advice to Ms. Barney’s counsel by stating the following at approximately 5:50 into the hearing:
Patton:Is your client still married, Ms. Fowlke?
Fowlke:Yes, this is her, her husband is here.
Patton:Is he claiming. . .
Patton:Well, your client’s answer is “I don’t acknowledge that he’s the father.
Fowlke:Well, we’re past that.
Mackley:The DNA test is proof that. .
Fowlke:They did a DNA test. .
Patton:A DNA test doesn’t mean anything, there’s a . .
Fowlke:Presumption. .
Patton:No. There’s an appellate court decision in the state of Utah that says it doesn’t make any difference if you claim you’re the father. It doesn’t make any difference if the DNA test says that you’re the father. It says if the husband wants to be dad, he’s dad. So I’m not so sure we don’t have to join an indispensable party.
Fowlke:Maybe we’ll both be amending our petition then.
Patton:In fact, it was out of MY court. The reason I know. Mr. Wilkinson took me up. I said, they came in, and basically everybody acknowledged this person has been having visitation, et cetera. I ordered a paternity test and they took it up and they said Nope, married, baby born during the marriage, don’t have to acknowledge a third party father. And I’m really summarizing it for both of you.
Mackley:I understand.
Fowlke:Well, we may be moving to amend then.
Patton:Mr Wilkinson took it straight up and he got a ruling on it.
Fowlke:I’d understood under the Uniform Parentage Act that if a claim was filed within 300 days of the birth, that rebutted the presumption.
Patton:Well, counsel, I’m assuming you would have ruled as I had ruled. But, uh. .
Fowlke:Yep, but a lot better to look up the case.
Patton:Somebody told me different.
Fowlke:Well, in that case, we may do a motion for summary judgment before we get to trial.
Patton:Well, that being the case, maybe we are premature on our pretrial.

6. The pretrial hearing was rescheduled for February 7, 2013.

It is routine for the Utah Family Law courts to steal babies from their  unmarried dads.  This is how the Appelate Court has chosen to interpret legislation that has language that puts the biological father just barely above the "presumed" father.  They also routinely sanction illegal adoptions and tie up fathers in court for years trying to get custody of their children who were given away to strangers even when the single father provides documentation that shows interest in raising the child.

Yes Adrienne Barney got pregnant while still married to her current husband Colton Barney.  She did so under fraudulent terms.  She lied and said she had filed divorce papers and that she was living with her mom.  And then she lied to Colton and told him baby was his.  When Adam informed Colton that there was a high chance that the baby was his she repeatedly threatended to give the child up for adoption forcing Adam to files notices of paternity early with the courts prior to Cadence's birth.  Had he not done this, under Utah law she could have given the baby up for adoption and he would have had no chance to have custody.  Adrienne chose to keep Cadence (for which we are very grateful). Adrienne has now continued to let her attorney lie for her to make up this story that Colton is her dad.  The lies pile up from Adrienne, Colton, their attorney's and then rolled out on the red carpet by the 4th District Court Family Law system.  The level of deceit is scary.  These are the people who have my granddaughter - with no oversight, no counterbalance to lies and secrets. 
We are not trying to take Cadence away from her mom.  We are trying to give Cadence back her dad.  Her dad Navy Veteran Adam Christopher Mackley DOES NOT ACCEPT the State of Utah's "position" that the husband of the mother always gets the kid.  Cadence's grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins don't accept that either.  This kid is OUR kid too.  And we will not stop fighting to have her back in our lives.
We are having a Card Crusade for Cadence to flood these biased, unethical and frankly criminal people with cards that show that what they are doing is not recognized by anyone with ANY sense of what is right and good for a child.  These are the people in charge of making permanent custody arrangements for children.  They DO NOT act in the best interest of the children nor do they honor biological father's God-given and constituional rights to raise their children. 4 cards to 4 addresses:  Here is the link to the addresses:
She turns 2 on Halloween so don't delay!!  Let's pile the cards up in these people's offices - The Judge Lynn Davis, The Commissioner Thomas Patton and, The Attorney Lorie Fowlke and of course Cadence's dad Adam Christopher Mackley - so that when she comes home he can read them all to her.
Say no to kidnapping.
Please pray for Cadence.  We have not been allowed to check on her well-being without threat of charges.  We are still fighting to get her back but we don't have money to pay an attorney so Adam is having to fight this battle Pro Se.  He had one attorney who did not do a good job.  Cards, prayers - it all goes a long way to helping Adam know he's not alone on the path and sending a message to some people who act like the cat who ate the canary.  Now it will be the Commissioner who arranged the kidnapping and the Judge who sanctioned and signed off on it.  Your cards can move mountains with love.
We love and miss you Cadence.  Our dream is to be able to celebrate your birthday with you in a few weeks but no matter what we won't give up.
Love Grandma Char and Grandpa Walt.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Update! Cadence Card Crusade Still Needs You!!

10/22/2014- Update and news flash! Sadly we are approaching another birthday without Cadance. She will be turning 3 on 10/31/2014. Yep, her birthday is on Halloween. Please help us let her know that we love her and can't wait to see her again. It's now been over a year and a half since she's seen her daddy Adam Mackley. The case is being prepared for the Utah Supreme Court. Please join our Facebook page: Cadence's Turn

And get details of Adam's progress with the corrupt Utah court system at

Adam can use your support and prayers. 

/22/2013 Update and News Flash:  Just 1 week until Cadence turns 2 on Halloween!!!  When you're out buying candy and costumes for those little ghosts and goblins, pick up 4 birthday cards and drop them in the mail.

Can we move mountains with love? YES WE CAN!  And we ARE! I'm hearing gentle rumblings from all over the country and even a few places around the world that tell me the Cadence Card Crusade is steamrolling its way into the lives of some rather inhumane Court Officers.  Keep reading to find out why we are sending cards and where to send them.......  And this is turning into a Crusade for more than just Cadence....the big tree of family law in Utah is shaking at its roots, with Judges recusing themselves, Commissioners forced into resignation and/or recusal, skyrocketing requests for judicial court reviews and Bar reviews.  Every little bit helps!!

October is a busy birthday month for Grandma Char.  We had Maverick (Matt and Kelsey's son) turning 1 on the 1st, Shane (Adam's son) turning 12 today, the 6th, their Uncle Wally's bday is the 30th and Cadence's 2nd birthday is on the 31st - Halloween.  Help me wish ALL these amazing people in my tribe a BIG happy birthday!

Here's your mission if you choose to accept it:

Cadence will be turning 2 on Halloween this year (2013). We have not been allowed to see her since March 2013 but her biological dad Adam Mackley fights on. The stress and grief are daunting. Cadence's bio mom, stepdad, their well funded attorneys and the the biased circuit court judge and commissioner would prefer for Adam and Cadence's paternal extended family to disappear but we won't do that. Our prayer ALWAYS is that she's safe and loved and that her mom's heart will soften to realize Cadence needs her biological dad too, the man Cadence knew as Daddy from age 6 weeks to 14 months - when she was abruptly stripped from her father's life.

*That is our VISION.
*That is our HOPE.
*That is WHYwe keep fighting to get her back to having a relationship with her dad.

Cadence's Card Crusade:  4 cards. 4 addresses = a paradigm shift to get kids their dads.

Our GOAL is to affect a pardigm shift with LOVE.  LOVE will bring the seedy, biased, abusive court behavior out into the open.  LOVE shows everyone involved that the rights of both parents need equal weight in our society at all times.  LOVE and a gentle touch show Cadence and so many other kids like her that we won't stand idly by and let ANYONE steal her rightful heritage from her.

At this moment it doesn't appear that we will be able to throw her a birthday party with her dad.  So I decided to initiate a birthday card campaign with cards going to her mom's attorney Lorie Fowlke, the Judge Lynn Davis, one to a Utah Newspaper - the Ogden Standard Examiner and one to her dad Adam Mackley, just so he knows he's not alone on the difficult journey. Cadence will at least get the cards from her dad when he can finally see her. 

Below are the addresses to send the 4 cards to.   Please send age appropriate birthday cards for a 2 year old girl with no comments other than loving birthday messages to Cadence and sign your name and write in your relationship to her whether its family or family friend or equal parenting rights advocate. You don't have to write your last name if you'd feel more comfortable - just your first name and last initial are fine...also maybe what state and/or country you are from).  My vision is big bags of cards piling into these places - kinda like letters to Santa Claus. Imagine!!! IMAGINE!!! And please share and forward to everyone you know.  Together we can DO this!

Address for Cadence's mom's attorney:
Miss Cadence Belle Barney
C/O Lorie Fowlke
2696 N University Ave #220
Provo, UT 84604

Address for the Presiding Judge:
(Please be advised if you send this card you will be notified that you are improperly trying to communicate with a judge and thus influence a decision)

Miss Cadence Belle Barney
4th District Court - Utah County/Provo District
125 N 100 W
Provo, Utah 84601

Address for the local newspaper covering the case:
Miss Cadance Belle Barney
C/O Editor - Ogden Standard Examiner
332 Standard Way
Ogden, UT 84412

And for the 4th card - the final and coolest one:

Please send a card for her to Adam, so he sees how many people are watching and praying for him and Cadence.  And to help us continue some grandparents birthday card traditions:

Miss Cadence Belle Barney
C/O Her Dad Adam Mackley
PO Box 13926
Ogden, UT 84412

In this card please tape 4 quarters to the inside of the card (in loving memory of a tradition that Cadance's Great Great Grandparents William Isaac Griffiths and Anna Pearl Froisland Griffiths created to recognize the birthdays of their many, many grandkids.  Even on a fixed income they never, ever forgot their grandkids' birthdays. The day before our birthday a card would come in the mail with 4 quarters meticulously taped on the inside page of the card.  No matter how old we had gotten the endearing message that we were thought of and loved was PRICELESS!

AND if you are so inclined include 3 one dollar bills for Cadance to go have ice cream cones with her dad and brother Shane at McDonald's (honoring a tradition established by Cadance's Great Grandparents Robert Gary Dotson and the late Sylvia Anna Griffiths Dotson and continued by her current grandparents Chardale Dotson Irvine and Walter Irvine)

Thank you SO, SO much for your help! It means the world to us. We are fighting a very corrupt court system but we want the people in that system to know we are not going away. We love Cadance and want her to be part of our lives too. 
This is what they are trying to steal from Cadance: 

Post amputation surgery at 10 months at Shriners Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah to prepare her leg to accept a prosthesis.
This picture was taken that day after surgery for Cadence's post op follow-up.  Adam's visitation was in effect for the 3 days following surgery so he was the one who nursed her through the first stages of recovery from having her foot amputated.  There is a movie on my YouTube page that this pic was clipped from about that visit. 

Cadance loves playing with her big brother Shane.  Shane turned 13 a couple of weeks ago and she is missed that celebration too.

This is Adam holding his 3 month old son Shane while stationed at Point Mugu, CA while in the US Navy.  Point Mugu is just north of Malibu on the coast of California and just west of Oxnard and Camarillo.  Shane's mom gave birth to him in a Oxnard, CA hospital in early October 2001 just a few weeks after 9/11.  Adam was on his assigned aircraft carrier, the now decommisioned USS Constellation on 9/11.  The ship was on its "Tiger Cruise" leg between Hawaii and San Diego when the US was attacked.  A "Tiger Cruise" was the last leg of a ships journey where one member of the sailor's family would be allowed onboard for a few days.  Adam's dad Kelly was on the Constellation on that Tiger Cruise.  The Constellation was held on open sea for an extra week while the threat was evaluated.  Adam made it home just two weeks prior to Shane's birth. Tiger Cruises are a thing of the past now, as are open military bases.

Image of the USS Constellation Aircraft Carrier anchored in port at Sydney, Australia.  The Constellation has since been decommissioned.

Following is a video of what Adam Mackley many times a day, in daylight and darkness, for up to 18 hours a day.  He was one of the guys in the White Shirts.  Those shimmery, spinney things are huge fpropellers and the whiteshirts' hand hold upon launch is two finger holes in the deck.  It is a REALLY good thing this mom did not see this while he was active duty. Adam sustained a permanent hip injury from his military service and is an Honorably Discharged Disabled Navy Veteran of the Gulf War.

Image of the decommissioning ceremony of the USS Constellation, the last of the diesel aircraft carriers.

I'm know that Cadance needs to know these things about her brave dad - who fought honorably for this country and will carry the scars of that sacred patriotic duty with him for life.  The Utah Courts are trying to dismantle his paternity rights to be Cadance's father and Cadance's rights to know her father, just as the US Navy dismantled the USS Constellation.  Adam wore the uniform proudly to fight for our rights, the VERY rights that the Utah Courts are systematically and fraudulently stripped from him at this very moment.

Please make sure to forward this post to veterans, families of veterans and anyone with any sort of appreciation of the sacrifices our troops make for us.  Four birthday cards is all it takes to steam roll a paradigm shift with LOVE.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Peace be with you and all that jazz!

This post may be shared and republished in the furtherance of Adam Mackley's case, veteran recognition and equal parenting rights.  All other rights reserved.  Chardale Irvine - 2013-2014