Thursday, May 3, 2012

If it quacks like a duck....

Today I had a much needed and long overdue pedicure. My feet had taken on a Shrek-esque look. When I walked into the salon they, as usual had me select a nail polish color. I selected a nice red color and gave it to the technician who is Asian.

I went to the restroom and when I got back to my seat she had selected a different nail polish for me. She said she did this because the one I had selected would quack.

I said, "Quack?"  Huh? So I'm repeating it back to her - "It is going to quack?!"

"No", she says. "It will QUACK."

I'm not repeating it now because I don't want sound challenged but I'm having a difficult time acting anything other than incredulous.

"What?!" I ask with a bit of screech in my voice.

Again she repeats it, except this time veeerrrry sloooowwwly and a bit louder -"The color you picked will quack."

I'm still looking at her. Stunned into silence. My mind is racing trying to figure out what she is trying to say. Then she makes a crinkly sound in her throat and mimics crumpling up a piece of paper. And then I get it!

The color I chose will CRACK (crackley nail polish is a fad now). We were both so relieved when I finally understood her!

The place is called Connie's Nails. I got a great pedicure for $25. I have diabetes so am very picky about who I let do my pedicures. This place was very clean and the price was right.

And there were no ducks anywhere in sight.

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