Thursday, September 5, 2013

What Basil Is To Pain and Pharma

As many of you know I have spent the last two years methodically trying to extricate myself from my dependence on pharmaceutical medicine. At this point I'm at about the 50% removed mark. With so many co-occurring health problems I've needed to go slowly and really study and pay attention to the effectiveness of the natural remedies I've tried. 

And then I happened on sweet basil. Not because I had read in advance that it would be so beneficial to me but rather because it was growing out of control in my garden here in Florida. 

I put it in every single thing possible in cooking to the point that I was like 'Uh a little heavy on the basil, girl' and then 'Ugh not basil AGAIN!'. I just felt SO bad letting it go to waste. Even drying it made me feel bad because those succulent, fragrant leaves just seemed to be bursting with Something really, really good. I just didn't know what.

And then I stumbled on an article that described the medicinal benefits of basil and I read that modern NSAID anti-inflammatories were designed to block the same pain pathways as - you guessed it - basil. 

While I have it fresh I am chewing on the   leaves. I've also made a tincture out if dried basil and vodka and an essential oil base if basil and extra virgin olive oil. 

The tincture is taken orally - a teaspoon under the tongue every few hours and the oil is massaged into the painful area on the skin. 

I will continue to dry my abundant basil harvest while the Florida weather makes me look like an expert in growing basil in my Back To Eden/Biochar garden. If you check out this lengthy article you will see that I am a basil novice in every sense of the word and that I have many personal discoveries with basil yet to come.


  1. Proper and healthy lifestyle is very important in theses day. Because these days are scenario of disease.

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  2. I am jealous of your abundance of basil. Mine is floundering in the greenhouse. It keeps saying to me, "I want warmth, Mom!" I keep responding, "I'm sorry, baby. There is no warmth in Wyoming."

  3. Yes Aaron that is true! It's difficult in these high stress, GMO food everywhere days isn't it? I look back to 1996 when I acquired CFIDS/FM and all the years until about 3 years ago when I was told by doctors and society I was making it up, and I wish I could have been less victimized by it. But it is what it is and surely I would never have been motivated to research nutrition and the natural healing qualities of food has this not happened to me. Getting my smartphone was the turning point where I could lie in bed and do research no matter how crappy I felt. Life is strange!!

  4. Sherone I've had it on the north side of the house in a lot of shade and its been left without water several days in a row several times. Maybe it's really the humidity but I've been reading that mountain grown basil is actually more potent than when gown at lower elevations. There are many, many strains so perhaps you need to find a heartier seed? You should be able to being it inside for the winter if you keep it in a south window. Now if I can just keep from killing another oregano plant!

  5. I find it difficult to chew the leaves so I'll be sticking with the vodka/ basil tonic.