Sunday, December 29, 2013

A testament to a friend - A Parable About a Giant

Passing through China one day with a friend of mine I met along the way. He is a giant, I guess that’s fair to say.  The load of life that is mine to bear, he took from me, the heavy part always with an open heart.  Giants they say, often act this way, even on days that are bleak and gray. He smiles that big toothy giant grin, even with the load I’ve given him, he never shirks or complains.


 Giants they say always act this way, they have no choice, because their hearts are pure in trust, and love.  So each day they practice their Giants Creed, to lend a hand if you can, to those of us they find along the way.  Even if we are small and they are Giants, the lesson he teaches for us to follow, while the Giant precedes down the path with the load I’ve given him to carry. It’s more than half that should be mine.

 In the formation of a Giant’s mind, you have to attend Giant High, in a mountain valley town.  To learn the lessons that are taught – to stand your ground, with your toes to the very edge as if hanging there above the precipice below.  Just you and your big, black friend, must stand guard at the gate, and protect the Jewel within.  You must challenge that horrible ogre that passes by.  Even if your friend is 10 times your size, it is your voice that they hear as you shout without fear.

 And now my little friend, I hope you have noticed that it was always I that led the way wherever we went throughout the day, so you might follow feeling safe and warm.  I stayed with you longer than I should have, making your stands sure and good.  So I take my Giant Crown of Silver Crested Hair, to leave you I must go before, to take my place in the Giants’ land, as only we can understand.

 So now with open arms, you must accept the serf’s load that is theirs, as I have always done.  Always to take that awesome position, to always be willing to take a stand, and lead the way to another land.  I must proceed to clear the way.  My Jewel, you will follow soon, someday.  Remember the days we spent laughing as friends, always we went to the next great event that was ours, to the fun things in life.

 So now my little friend, I give to you, for awhile that last big Giant’s grin.  Once again I’ve taken the yoke, to clear for you, the path to the land where pain has passed, never to return again.  So when you come you can be sure that I and my big black giant friend, will be standing there, to guide you within.

 You must stand as I have always shown you, with chest pushed out and topknot flowing in the air.  The bravest thing the world has ever seen, has left to go beyond the screen. Goodbye my little friend, look for me there when you get within.

 Your teaching friend,

The GIANT, BRUNO                                               (It has to be awfully easy for a dog to get into heaven)

 By Robert Gary Dotson – December 2013
                                  In memory of Bruno Irvine - the Yorkie/Pom/Hairless Chinese Crested
                                                       Born:  January 20, 2000
                                                       Passed December 7, 2013
Copyright (c) 2013 - Chardale Irvine.  All rights reserved.

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  1. Bruno was my buddy for 11 of his 14 years. He cuddled with me nightly and wasn't afraid of anything. Like Gary said, he was a giant. Bruno's personality was wonderful, which he got from his Hairless Chinese Crested father. He was stubborn and usually got what he wanted, within reason. He was a natural healer and helped me thru a lot of pain. Now that he's gone I am a mess and think about him every day. I look forward to seeing him again. I miss my little buddy. He was strong all the way to the end. He was a giant.