Saturday, June 21, 2014

Thomas Patton: Still the most horrific UT court officer

I won't post a lot. A lot has been said on this blog about how Mr.Patton single-handedly staged the kidnapping of my granddaughter Cadance Belle Barney and then his actions were pencil whipped by a judge that sent the cases right into State Appeals court, which is where it is now. It is awesome that my son Adam Mackley has been able to keep the cases afloat against all odds but daunting in that he still has no lawyer defending him. But he fights on until the last possible breath and I have his back 100%.

What this post is about is some pondering that I have been doing. Why is my Thomas Patton post my most heavily viewed post on my blog? Why is his name the most common search word for hits and why, mostly why, do I keep getting story after story how he's ruined family's lives by his nonsensical and cruel decisions? How is this man still allowed to oversee family law cases?

Take note Mr Patton: I miss all of my grandchildren who I see little of due to health but the ache that is caused from that beautiful little girl taken from her dad, her brother, her great aunt, her cousins, her great grandpa, will not heal until we get her back.

And that you are DAILY allowed to AGAIN and AGAIN wreak that brutal havoc on the lives of children is CRIMINAL.

And to all you judges and attorneys that participated in the extortion ring your actions are not only criminal but lazy AND abusive. Your ethics are atrocious.

For others facing Mr Patton or those who have please message me a gypsyabf @ gmail dot com

Maybe as a common voice our kids have a chance.

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God/Spirit/Universe bless you all and an extra blessing to those stolen children and their grieving hearts and grieving parents.

#4Cadence #NavyVetDad @AdamMackleyUT #EqualParenting #CivilrightofUnmarriedmen #HoldingThomasPattomAccountable

#4Cadance THIS is what Thomas Patton, Judge Davis & Judge McDade stole from this little girl.

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  1. This man Patton has no honor. I don't see how he sleeps at night or can even look himself in the mirror. You should be ashamed Thomas Patton and should resign before you and your cronies are held responsible for your cruel actions.