Saturday, May 7, 2016

Teen Night at the Grizzly Rose

I'm just home from what I thought was a chaperone effort with my friend Jeanne; her daughter S. at the Grizzly Rose Saloon in Denver, CO. S. Is 14 and I used to party and dance at the saloon back in the day so I thought it would be a teeny bopper sleaze show. I mean that's how I treated it back then so I just extrapolated that it was sleaze bag training.

And yes it was just like that with everyone but S. There was no moping around as a wall flower or overcompensating by line dancing until your mascara sweated off by this girl.

First she danced the swing with her mom to about 5 songs. Then she rode the mechanical bull while I held the table. Then she insisted I come back into the roping room so she could show me how to rope. 

About roping: it's kind of ridiculous that I spent my whole life around livestock and rodeos and no one thought to teach me how to rope. Especially because I hit one horn of three of the four tries. S. is a beginner 

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