Friday, November 30, 2012

Where is MY new Grandpa?!!

I have written posts a couple of other times about how technology is impacting my life and the life of my family in a profound way.  We had another episode the other day - Memphis driven - that I thought was hilarious and really thought provoking.

After Adam visited Colorado on Thanksgiving his brother Matt got motivated to figure out how to call us from his Ipad using Facetime.  Monday night he and Memphis called and there they were!  Those people that I get to talk to so rarely.  They were all smiles.  We got to see Memphis ride his bike.  I took them for a tour of the house.  I showed them my incision from my knee surgery and my brace.  And I had Walt put his face in the camera with me so that Memphis could see us together.

We talked to Memphis asking who we were.  He just sort of babbled.  We blew kisses to him.  He blew kisses to me.  Then I said "Blow Grandpa Walt some kisses", which he did and then we moved back to talking with Matt.

And then I hear this loud child's voice:  "Where's my Grandpa?"......  repeated....  "Where's MY Grandpa?  and again.... "WHERE'S MY GRANDPA?!"

I finally realized what he was saying and realized that he could only see MY face in the camera when I was talking to Matt right then.  He wanted to see Walt's face not mine because he had just discovered that he had a BRAND NEW grandpa that he didn't even know about.  And once he figured out that he HAD that grandpa he wanted to keep looking at him and keep talking to him.

So we did that and then the conversation would go back to Matt and I.  And then Memphis would yell "Where's MY grandpa?!" and I'd switch the camera back to Walt. We did this several times - maybe five or six times really!  Memphis just couldn't get enough of this new grandpa and Grandpa was one tickled guy too.

I've noticed with these babies using webcam calls that they don't struggle with the 3D and tactile version of people.  They are entirely comfortable with having a relationship with someone who lives inside of the phone or the computer. And then when they meet you in person they have no struggle accepting you in that realm too.  It is just fascinating how the use of these technologies that still seem like science fiction to me are accepted at an innate level at such an early age.

But....their parents' still have to dial the number and THEY and I are still very wrapped up in the 3D versions of each other.

Peace be with you and all that jazz....

PS.  I need to make sure you know that I have a financial incentive through Google to post about products that can be used with Ipad2. 

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