Friday, June 7, 2013

I Have This Problem: Getting Stuffed Up When I Lie Down

And the solution?! It's so simple it is bizarre. Two ways I've found to deal with this:

1 - Stand up and pinch your nose closed. Keeping your mouth closed bend over and straighten up. Keep doing this holding your breath. You will feel pressure building in your head. Stop when you can't hold your breath any longer. Your nasal passages will now be open.

I did not discover this. The Russians did.

2. Another thing I do is to pop a strong breath mint in my mouth right before I lie down. The peppermint keeps my reactive nasal passages open too.

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  1. Its great to have you back blogging. It is purely theraputic for me.

  2. Aw Sister thank you!! It is for me it happens. It has been a tough several months here. I feel Universe? I'm not sure we'll ever see our Cadence again until she grows is heartbreaking. This blog has fed my soul and it has been my therapy at times too. Most of all is just plain fun. Thank you for being my bestest avid reader. Love ya girl!