Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Accidental Advocate

That is me.  The Accidental Advocate.  For a variety of reasons I find myself advocating for surprising groups and perspectives.  There seem to be so many ideas and messages that need a voice and a forum.  I stumble into them all the time and being the curious person that I am I usually have to do some investigation to find out what is behind this new idea (new to me, that is) and to figure out just why I haven't heard about it or thought about it already.

Of course I advocate for CFIDS/ME research - because I have this illness.  Of course I advocate for the reform of the medical system - because I struggle with it daily.  But do you know that there is a crosswalk in Aurora that is only there because I birddogged the city until they put traffic control in on a busy street near an elementary school?

I'm not a sign carrying protester usually but I sure can write a mean letter.  And blog....I guess too:)  So, here  I am, after a three month hiatus, getting back on the blogging horse, so to speak.  And my first plug will be for Father's Rights and Equal Parenting.

As of today it has been 90 days since my son, Adam Mackley, has seen his daughter Cadence.  It has been that long since I've talked to her on FaceTime as well.  On May 16th the 4th District Court gave parenting rights to Cadence's mom's husband Colton and took Adam's rights away - without cause.  It was a decision made on "legislative intent" by Judge Lynn Davis - who basically rubberstamped over a year's worth of biased court action by his underling Commissioner Thomas Patton.  These two men knowingly and with purpose, robbed my son of his constitutional right to be a parent.  We are circulating a petition to tell the judge that this decision needs to be reversed.  Please go to Petition to sign and show your support.

And as I plug for my son and my granddaughter I do so for all the fathers fighting for equal parenting in Utah.  It turns out there are many facing this bias.  Fathers turned into paupers as they pour all of their resources into paying legal fees to attempt to have ANY involvement with their children.  That energy and those resources could be put to SO much better use by having it focused on raising their children well.

Last week the Supreme Court granted custody to a biological father whose child was put up for adoption in Utah without his knowledge.  The State has been notified that it can no longer ignore the rights of biological fathers with impunity.

We are hoping and praying that Cadence is safe but we have no way to check. Her mom has struggled to make good decisions about her medical care and we are worried about that.  We just want our little girl back in her Daddy's arms.

We have not forgotten about you Cadence.  Love, Grandma Char

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