Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Behind The Veil: The Romney Connection

I will leave this for you to judge: Do you think the fact that Cadance's maternal great aunt is married to a Romney has influenced any of the illogical behavior of the 4th District Courts? Vernon Romney was a former prosecutor and a judge until his recent passing in July 2013 in the same county that her Cadance's mom's well to do family is funding an attempt to steal Adam Mackley's paternity rights and grant them to Colton Barney even though he has a signed release of paternity interests on file with the State of Utah. By February of the next year another Romney has been appointed to the bench after 'competing' with 35 other applicants. Cadance's maternal grandfather is a nephew to the recently deceased Vernon Romney.

Much goes on behind the veil in Utah. Is it a factor? Do our constitutional rights have a chance against it? Do we have a chance against big money and big influence? Is Family law the Hunger Games in Utah and #NavyVetDad Adam Mackley the Catniss Eberdeen of dad's?

Our family is not related to the Romney's. Cadance's great great grandfather William Isaac Griffiths was baptized into the LDS Church in 1907 near Pontypool Wales. He was baptized outside in the hills in a warm pond above the coal mines. He emigrated to Utah when he was 23 after working years in the coal mines in Wales. He married Anna Pearl Froisland, the daughter of Norwegian emigrant converts,  when he was 27. They were humble servants of The Lord until their last days as Temple Workers. In addition to her dad being in Utah she is related to countless Griffiths, Froisland, Mackley, Dotson's and Taylor's in Utah and Wyoming.

We miss you and love you Cadance. We are hoping to get to see you on your birthday! Clap your hands if you believe.

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Love Grandma Char

Peace be with you and all that jazz!!

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