Monday, October 28, 2013

How To Make An Amend

Do you know what the pic below represents? Two guys who made a mistake and went the extra mile to make it right. 

The sea shell I got from my grandson Shane when we went out geocaching while he and his dad Adam Mackley were visiting us in Colorado. When he'd come to visit after that he would always want to play with it. One time he kneeled on it and crushed it. After he'd left to go home I found it on top of the TV carefully taped back together. I think he was 8 when he did that. It made me cry. And I have guarded it protectively ever since. 

The tyvek envelope was what one of Mary Jane's Farm Girls sent the sheet in for a project. It was a semi anonymous gift.  I had the envelope by my chair so I could get the address off it to send a thank you card.  Walt, in a weird fit of throwing away ONE thing out of the 85,000 possible other choices, threw it away without asking or telling me. We had a tiff. But when he came back home he went through the very stinky trash and got it out for me. He then texted me the address. 

The shell will never be untaped and the tiff can't be erased but the underlying love these two sweet and loving souls showed by these efforts locked another notch deep in my heart. How do i deserve to be loved this much? And I have much to learn from both of them.

Peace be with you and all that jazz.,,

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