Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Baby Bibs Are Here!

Am visiting with the inspiration for the start-up MyMomsBibs -  The company is owned by the daughter of Carla Dalton.  Carla was frustrated with the poor fabric quality, scant size and poor design of bibs that were available to be purchased.  So she designed her own pattern and started making her fabulous bibs for grandkids, great grandkids and friends.  She made them out of plush terry cloth with a velcro closure at the neck. 

Her daughter has taken her mom's pattern and transitioned it into a business.  Right now her focus is on branding the bibs for sports teams.  The company officially launched about a month ago. She has Nebraska Cornhuskers bibs available for sale now and is working on others. I am hoping she decides to sell some that have basic baby designs on them (crossing fingers behind my back).

Anyway, I thought I'd put a plug in for her business.  These are kick ass bibs - nice, plush terry cloth; smooth and comfortable cotton binding around the edges and neck and a velcro closure that baby won't be able to pull off but is easy for Mommy or Daddy to undo when taking it off and they are big enough that they cover the whole front of the baby, clear down past the belly button. They stay nice through multiple washings too.

I have ordered some for my new granddaughter Cadence.  They are a bit big for her now, she is only 3 months and they are better sized for 6 months and above.

Check out bib website!  Again its Be sure to watch the video where Carla explains how and why she came up with the pattern.  She is such a sweetheart!

Huskers NHuskers

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  1. Enter your toddler in the April MyMomsBibs singing contest! Post a video of your kiddo singing a Nebraska Huskers fight song on MMB's Facebook or YouTube channel. The winner wil get a free bib and be featured on the MMB blog in May.