Saturday, February 18, 2012

Derby Run Dog Track in St Pete

So hubs and I are in Tampa, FL visiting with my mother-in-law Carla and her partner Chad.  We went to the Derby Run dog races last night.  Before we went in that building I could have told you that I had been to the dog track once before but would not have been able to remember where, when or who I went with.

We walked in and I thought, distinctly, "This looks very familiar".  We go up the elevator and when we walk out of the elevator I could see the track was lit up and I thought "How pretty and WOW - this seems really familiar".

We go to our table.  We go through the buffet line.  We eat.  We watch several races and visit - A Lot.  Then my butt was falling asleep so I got up to walk around.  I went into the Women's Restroom and as soon as I walked in I remembered the guy's name who I went to the races with - Michael Felt.  I remembered when I had gone to the races - back in about 1991 when I came to Tampa to visit him while he was staying at his Mom's in Tarpon Springs.  And - I remembered that we had gone to a dog track.

Back at the table I am describing all this to hubby and in-laws and they are looking at me strangely.

Really?  I have been to the dog track twice in my 51 years of life and end up, by chance, being invited to the same exact track 20 years apart?  How random and coincidentally weird is that?

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