Thursday, February 9, 2012

There Is A Gorilla Loose in Las Vegas

Gorilla Face

There is a small white rock rumbling around in my change tray in my car.  It has been there for a year.  Why do you have a little rock in your car? you ask.  The story:  Last January in 2011 we were staying at the Hitchin' Post RV Park in Las Vegas, NV while hubby worked at Station Casinos.  Dear Dad came to visit.  We were sitting out back of the motor home in the sun, soaking up the warm desert rays.  It was so bright Dad was leaned over staring at the ground. 

"What would you say if I told you I spotted a gorilla in this park?" Dad asked.  It was such an odd, off the wall question that I stumbled around saying this and that, trying to figure out where he was going with this - always alert for the "Gary Trap" that he loves to lead people into.

There was no trap. He handed me the little rock and asked me if I saw the gorilla.  I stared at it for awhile, turning it this way and that and finally the face emerged.  The face of a gorilla.

I pick up the rock every now and then and it always takes time and effort to finally see the gorilla face.  Once I finally see it I wonder how I could not see it. 

I was going to give the rock to the 10 year old grandson but I just can't make myself let it go.  It might never happen again that a tiny gorilla is hiding in a pile of gravel.  It is such a small gorilla that if it gets lost it will be lost to the world forever. The decoder - my Dad - is not always going to be around to find me a new one.

Nope - the gorilla rock is staying with me.  Maybe I'll leave it in my will to the 10 year old grandson.

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  1. Love this story. I've been in the "Gary Trap". Teehee

  2. I have received some feedback that people see this as a spiritual story. Do you see it that way? I am very interested to know how it impacts you.