Wednesday, February 22, 2012

And this is what love sounds he kisses the trooper's ass

This is the canned speech that a State Trooper will give you if you are caught speeding on the freeway near DisneyWorld in Florida:

This is what you look like driving home after removing your nose from up a Florida State Trooper's ass after getting a speeding ticket:

Ah Babe! I knew it was going to happen and I knew if I said anything about your driving it would make things worse. 

Okay, readers - do any of you have any road rage stories you can tell to help make Walt feel he isn't alone?  Or partners/wives/friends - do you have any stories that will help me feel like I'm not alone?

I always wonder what has posessed him when he gets like that.  What is he thinking?  Does anyone else get as annoyed as I do about getting tossed around in the car turning corners, passing and going over bumps and speedbumps?

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