Monday, February 20, 2012

They're really not much for smoochin' - Yeah right!

On our second day in St. Pete's we spent the daylight hours reenacting the scene of where & how Carla (Dalton) and Chad (Harold Chadwick) met and had a tour of the city.  First we went to The Crab Shack for lunch. This was where they first met. Carla was a hard sell for starting a relationship.  Ya gotta give Chad props for persistence.

When they met Carla was caring for her terminally ill mother. They dated a few times during the snowbird season.  He went back to North Carolina twice with no indication from Carla that there was any hope they'd get together. Finally during the 3rd snowbird season Carla and Uncle Hugh (Harrison) were at The Crab Shack and Chad happened to be there.  After dinner Carla went over to his table and talked for a bit - then came back to the table with Uncle Hugh.  Later Uncle Hugh went over and talked to Chad by himself.

When Uncle Hugh got back to the table he asked Carla just what it was that was keeping her from being with Chad.  "I'm too busy for a relationship" continued to be her response.  Apparently, Uncle Hugh wasn't buying it and was very impressed with Chad so he kind of nudged her to reconsider.

To make a story short they ended up together.  Awhile after Grandma passed away Carla finally moved in with Chad and the rest is just a lovely story of two soul mates who finally found each other.  Chad says being with Carla is like being on vacation all the time.  They have developed an ESP with each other.  They do such a good job of taking care of each other, laugh a lot and are fun to be around. There is just an unpracticed, unforced ease about their relationship.

Here Chad and Carla reenacting there first kiss:

This a pic of their first condo together 12 years ago called the Ashbury Arms in St. Petersburg, FL

And finally, here is a pic of hubs Walt with his mom Carla and Chad at the Crab Shack in St. Pete, FL 2/18/2012

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