Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How Many Clothes Can You Fit in a Motorhome?

A lot apparently.

We just returned from a marathon trip to the laundromat. While there we washed, dried and folded the equivalent of 14 loads of laundry. We used as many of the ultra big, front loading washers that we could find. Even still we used four machines: Big Bertha, 2 Little Bertha's and 1 Double Load. We have found a laundromat that is closer than the one we were driving to in Orlando.

We go there because they have air conditioning and nice machines. It's a little crowded on the dryer aisle but it is right in Sanford on French Ave. so it is quick and convenient. There are washers and dryers at the RV Park but the laundry rooms are not air conditioned and it gets perfectly scorching in them when the machines are running. Also there are only four machines in each laundry room and we usually have more than four loads if laundry.

Since moving to Florida we change the bedding every couple of days. Getting damp and sweaty from the humidity and either the dog or us tracking sand, fleas and tiny no-see-ums - those pesky invisible little biting bugs that attack your ankles at night. They are unfazed by mosquito repellant even when it has DEET.

Any way it was a freakin' lot of clothes. And they're summer clothes too which are unusually smaller than winter clothes. The Florida uniform seems to be shorts and flip flops topped off by a cool tshirt. Walt even gets to wear shorts so work though he has a hard time with matching with his Bermuda shorts.  Two cases just last week when he wore plaid on plaid:

 Day 1 Plaid on plaid...I didn't discover this until he came home from work so he went the whole day at work dressed like this and noone said anything to him about it.  Note the "Cowardly Lion" imitation he is doing as I photographically document this fashion faux paus.

Two days later he showed up at lunch time to give me the car.  I was able to intervene and help him choose a different shirt so he was only seen in public like this for about 4 hours.  Me:  Babe! You're wearing plaid on plaid again! What the hell?"  Him:  What's plaid?  I didn't know!  ARGH! LOL

The thing that I miss most about having a house is having my own washer and dryer.  I used to be a stickler about wearing anything wrinkled and ironed my work clothes and tshirts every day.  In the motorhome I have never taken the iron out of its hiding place.  My clothes are wrinkled and I have learned to "Just Look Away".  The closets are jam packed with clothes and they wrinkle in the closet.  The laundromat dryers are too hot and they wrinkle there.  They wrinkle in the car when they are being transported from laundromat to the motorhome.  Interesting note though:  In three and a half years noone has ever said a word about my wrinkled clothes.

But really, having wrinkled clothes is the least of my worries.  Oh to have that be my only problem.

Plaid po karirana e golyama greshka moda!

Peace be with you and all that jazz!

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  1. I too wish my clothing choices were my only problem but you did say you married me because I am a constant source of entertainment.

  2. Absolutely babe...and your clothing choices sometimes are exasperating but completely hilarious and entertaining. Love you!