Wednesday, July 25, 2012

RV Tip of the Week: No TP in Toilet

Okay, so this is all about saving/reviving blackwater tank sensors and being able to use good, quality toilet paper and wipes when using the potty.  We don't put toilet paper or wipes into the tank.  They don't get flushed.  Gross!  you say?

Well, we have discovered a non-stinky, non-gross solution.  We got an Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail.  The toilet paper and cleaning paraphenalia go into the diaper pail rather than getting flushed.  This makes the tank fill up much slower and prevents the sensors from getting coated with gobs of toilet paper.  The wipes can plug the drain line so they shouldn't go in the tank either.  There is no smell.  You push the stuff through the opening and when you close the lid it twists the plastic closed and pushes the stuff down inside.  Then the lid closes and further prevents any smells.  When you empty it you snap the bag closed before you pull it thhrough the opening to there is virtually no odor. 

We also have a diaper pail outside to put the dog poop bags in.  The rain can't get in and there is no smell.  We purchased ours at Walmart.

 The diaper pail sits back a little further and doesn't get in the way for potty trips and is easy to reach when we're sitting down.  We do have to move it into the hallway when we shower, which in our floorplan becomes part of the bathroom with the doors open.
 So, you stuff the tissue into the middle of the blue plastic and when you close the lid it twists the plastic and pushes it down into the pail.  The lid closes and acts as an odor barrier.
 These are poopie tissues.  Gross, I know.  But I thought you'd need to see and deal with reality.  The door closes and they are out of sight.

Walmart carries the diaper pails but not the refills.  We have to order the refills from them online but they ship free to the store so that's no big deal.  The Diaper Pail costs about $25 at Walmart, Target, and Amazon.  The refill bags cost $16.50 for a 3-pack.  You can get all this at Babies-R-Us but you'll pay a lot more if you do.

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