Friday, April 11, 2014

Bruno Irvine Hand Off To Bruno Mars via the song "Natalie"

From 2 weeks after my adorable, little 14 year old dog Bruno passed I have awakened every morning to the song 'Natalie' by Bruno Mars as my ear worm. Long before I knew the lyrics I would surface awake with NATALEEE screaming me awake. This is weird too because the ME/CFS coming awake period transition is usually this: "Holy Fuck I hurt. I'm too tired to wake up. What fuckin time is it cuz I feel like I haven't slept at all and that truck hit me again during the night." So having Bruno Mars singing 'Natalie' to accompany that - well let's just say it made it a lot easier to take. Here they are doing the live version which I can't get enough of.

I was only familiar with 3 of his songs and one performance at the Oscar's. But when I researched how this seemingly 'new' performer had skyrocketed to get in on the SuperBowl I found there was no skyrocket. This kid had been honing his craft since age 6 in Hawaii playing Elvis in his family's entertainment act.

And somehow this made it so that I could wake up every day and still think and say the name Bruno. The name that was as much a part of my life as breathing. No move made for 14 years without considering him. It was an intimate dance with a 100% committed tiny protector and healer. 

I don't want to minimize grief here at Bruno Mars' expense. His mother passed unexpectedly last year. She was just 3 years older than me and he is younger than my kids. I know how I felt when my mom passed and I had a lot more time with mine than he did and it was rough.

I think it makes his performances even more incredible to me. It's helped me immensely to see him giving back and really going all out in his performances. I've never been able to sing when I'm sad so it makes it even more amazing to me.

Truly I have old lady crushes on his whole brand when they do the little Natalie dance. One day I will be well enough to try to imitate that.

Here's a pic of the dudes at work...or is that play? I'm thinking play?

For now I spend several hours each morning humming or singing a hatcheted up rendition in my voice that can't come close to the notes or the body that hurts too much to do the moves.

Bruno dog I miss you beyond measure. The world seems less without you.

Bruno Mars I am SO sorry about the passing of your mom. That's one mountain of grief to set aside to perform. I hope it helps that you are truly making a positive influence out here. That effort means something. And the same goes for your bro and your sisters.  Your mama is proud of you guys.

Here's a video of my little dog Bruno playing with our cat Dave in our condo in Colorado prior to going on the road in the RV:

I miss our inter-species family but what an awesome ride it was. I will see you both on the Rainbow Bridge.

Peace be with you and all that jazz,,,,,

Chardale Irvine suffers from Myalgic Encephalomylitis commonly known as ME/CFS. She was struck down at the age of 35 with this illness which the US Government and Pharmaceuticals have minimized, trivialized and made a blatant move in 1990 to divert research funding, change case definitions from a physical illness to a psychosomatic mental illness and smear to ruin the reputations of any doctors or researchers who dared to pursue study or treatment.

To date it still is not recognized as a real illness, there are no specialists and treatment is not covered by insurance.

Please support Dr Ian Lipkin from Columbia University to promote his research so that treatment for ME/CFS can be mainstreamed. He is crowdfunding because there are no grants but he needs funds to promote it through trials. Every penny counts!!!

If you wonder about the abuses that are imposed on people by pharma I suggest watching the movies 'Dallas Buyers Club' and 'Constant Gardner' in quick succession. You will be changed.

Thank you for your support.


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  1. I miss our little Bruno and I learned so much from him. How would I know that having M.E. would be like living a dog's life...lots of sleeping