Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Gypsy Girl: What Would I Say To Myself Age 1-5

Age 1:
Where was I? Orem, UT
Your mom and dad will always be sad that your brother Maury died of SIDS on March 6 at the age of 13 months when you were 6 weeks old. Hang on. With a bit of time they will be back on track. After you get your tonsils out next year you won't be sick nearly as much. You are tiny and frail now but you will grow to be strong and tall.

Age 2: 
Where was I? Provo, UT and Dutch John, UT (where my dad helped build the Flaming Gorge Dam)
See that little baby girl in the crib right there? She will be your closest and bestest friend forever and ever. You will save her from drowning when she's 3 and you will try to cut her leg off by throwing her in the river showing off for boys when she is in the 4th grade. When you're 53 she will still be your best friend and best ally. Her name is Sherone.

Age 3: 
Where was I: Not a clue
I got nothin' except get lots of rest because the next few years you're going to get yourself in lots of painful pickles.

Age 4: 
Where was I? Payson, UT 
Don't run in front of a bike while someone is riding. When they run you over it will hurt like hell even if your brother gets a whooping. Don't stand near anyone swinging a sickle (sling blade - is there a reason that's one of my favorite movies?) cutting weeds because it will leave a painful gash and big lifetime scar when they hit you in the leg even if your brother gets a whooping for hitting you. Sadly not every landlord will give you Lifesavers when he comes to collect the rent. You will not live in that spider infested house much longer. Your constant nosebleeds will soon stop. That roseola virus you have this year is coming back to haunt you at age 35 and on by setting the stage for you to get ME/CFS. You won't be a morning person ever again after this year. You'll also never 'have' to nap again.

Age 5:
Where was I? Linden, UT and Modesto, CA
If you melt the toes of your snow boots in the campfire trying to warm your feet you won't get new boots. Your brother will never trust you after the third strike of running the iron up his arm. Sherone will save you from your first whooping by getting blamed for exploding the lightbulbs from spitting on them.

You will never find another kid like Julie who likes to perpetually spin on the monkey bar as much as you do. There is not one other person in the world who will ever beat your 100 spins in a row record or sport that awesome callous on the back of your right knee like that.

That batmobile in Modesto was probably NOT the real batmobile. 

You will someday love and crave those dreadful avocados. 

Someday wearing that Autumn Leaf Girl costume that your mom made will be a fond memory.

Sorry to say it but this will be the funniest Christmas ever. 

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